Gabriola terminal facilities closed due to vandalism

BC Ferries has announced that the Waiting Room and Washrooms at the Gabriola Island ferry terminal will be closed for an indefinite period of time while repairs are made due to ongoing and recent vandalism. Over the course of the last four years vandalism at Gabriola Island ferry terminal has resulted in damages in excess of $16,000; and the facility being made unavailable while repairs were affected. Vandalism has included broken windows, damage to fixtures and graffiti.

BC Ferries apologizes for the inconvenience this closure is causing our valued customers and hopes to be able to confidently reopen these areas in the future. Anyone with information regarding vandalism at Gabriola Island ferry terminal is requested to contact the Gabriola Island RCMP at 250-247-8333.


3 thoughts on “Gabriola terminal facilities closed due to vandalism

  1. Thank you for the update.Do you know what damage was done to the new building and why it would be closed indefinitly?
    Thank you
    Susan Banjavich

    • Hi Susan,
      I have requested more information from BC Ferries, in particular with regard to arrangements for temporary washroom facilities and their plans for preventing further vandalism. Of course, if anyone in the community has ideas about how to reduce vandalism, it would be much appreciated.

  2. I don’t have any further information at the moment, but have asked BCF for a detailed report at the FAC meeting on April 26. Hopefully the closure will not be too long. The term “indefinitely” has been used in the past whenever it’s not been possible to give a precise reopening date. (note : it is the Gabriola terminal that is affected, not the new terminal in Nanaimo.)

    John H.

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