New traffic signs proposed on Taylor Bay Road

Proposals for new traffic signs to improve safety for drivers joining the ferry line-up have been put forward by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure this week. The new signs should be in place within the next few weeks.

The proposals include:

  • A new advisory “U-Turn Route” sign just beyond the existing turning bay
  • An additional “No U-Turn”  sign (ahead of the existing sign) to prevent U-turns on the sharp bends
  • A new “U-Turn Route” sign at Ivory Way junction
  • Clearing and grading the gravel area at the Ivory Way U-Turn point
  • Additional “No parking on Pavement” signs on the narrow section where Taylor Bay Road crosses Mallett Creek.

Click here or on the image below for a full size version.  The FAC welcomes this proposal as the first stage of a safer traffic management plan for ferry traffic on Gabriola and invites feedback from the community on the proposal using the comments box below.

As the busiest time of year approaches, we urge drivers NOT to leave gaps in the ferry line-up – please park close to the vehicle in front of you, so that the line-up stays as short as possible.  We understand that many drivers prefer not to park on the steepest section near the Taylor Bay Road ‘STOP’ sign – that’s fine – but PLEASE don’t leave gaps elsewhere simply so you can park in the sunshine (or shade).

Taylor Bay Road


2 thoughts on “New traffic signs proposed on Taylor Bay Road

  1. I believe it is time for something like this on Gabriola, but it will do no good if the law is not enforced.

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