FAC public meeting on November 2

The Fall meeting of the Ferry Advisory Committee takes place this Monday (November 2) starting at 3pm in the GAC Hall (behind the Post Office) in Gabriola.

FAC members have asked BC Ferries for information about the results of the recent passenger fare reduction and for an explanation of the level of savings achieved by the 2014 service cuts to our route. We have also asked BC Ferries to provide a review of the impacts of the April 2015 schedule change including, specifically, the early afternoon gap in the schedule at weekends.

With a five-week experimental fare discount on vehicle fares starting later this month, we will be asking BC Ferries whether the FAC’s plan (which we discussed at the May meeting) for long-term reductions to evening and weekend fares could now become a reality.

Members of the public are invited to come along and listen to the discussion on Monday; anyone wishing to speak at the meeting should make their wish known to the Chair before the start of the meeting.  In my absence, Steven Earle will be taking the chair for this meeting.

The full agenda can be found here .


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