Sailing cancellations – Saturday, March 12

Four weeks ago, BC Ferries announced the cancellation of the 1.10pm from Nanaimo and 3.05pm from Gabriola on Saturday, March 12 to accommodate the testing of the marine evacuation equipment on MV Quinsam.  This is a regulatory requirement imposed by Transport Canada.

Following concerns expressed by the FAC about the long gap this would cause, BC Ferries has agreed to provide a substitute water taxi service leaving Nanaimo at 1.10pm and 2.25pm, and returning from Gabriola at 1.50pm and 3.05pm.

Customers are reminded that there will be no vehicle ferry leaving Nanaimo after 11.55am until 3.45pm, and no vehicle ferry leaving Gabriola after 12.35pm until the 4.20pm departure on Saturday, March 12.


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