BC Ferries announces new fares promotion

BC Ferries has announced a new fleetwide fares promotion offering 50% off standard vehicle fares on selected sailings between November 14 and December 18. These discounts will apply to vehicle fares only (not passenger fares) and apply to cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, vans and recreational vehicles (up to the first 20 feet of vehicle length). The extra per-foot charges for overlength vehicles and commercial vehicles will not be discounted.

For Gabriola, this means the standard round-trip vehicle fare of $26.95 reduces to $13.50, with Experience Card holders paying the same $13.50 fare instead of their regular discounted rate of $17.20 on the following sailings leaving Nanaimo:



A 50% reduction in vehicle fares will also be available on either ferry route between Nanaimo and Vancouver, cutting the regular fare from $56.45 to $28.25 on the following sailings:


According to BC Ferries, the choice of sailings on the Gabriola route is a balance between offering reductions on lower utilised sailings and  trying to keep the promotion relatively straightforward across the system – so once again, there will be no discounted sailings on Fridays, or after 10am on Sundays.

Your Ferry Advisory Committee continues to press BC Ferries to discount our late evening fares on a permanent basis, to encourage greater use of under-utilised ferry capacity and help reduce some of the overloading on daytime sailings.


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