Ferry terminal parking Survey

The FAC would like to thank all who have responded to our online survey to determine public opinion on the need for time limits for parking at Gabriola’s ferry terminal.  The survey has now closed and results will be announced at the forthcoming FAC meeting on April 24.

Analysis of the responses has uncovered one respondent who made a supreme effort to distort the outcome of the survey – either intentionally or otherwise – by submitting no less than 450 identical responses from the same computer.  Needless to say, these responses will be ignored in the analysis. So, if your IP address is – thank you for your time and effort, but unfortunately only your first response will be taken into account.

John Hodgkins, FAC Chair.


2 thoughts on “Ferry terminal parking Survey

  1. This is off topic, but I don’t see any way to comment on other issues.

    After waiting nearly ten minutes to turn left from Taylor Bay onto North Road while the Quinsam unloaded, I have to say that I’m absolutely opposed to moving the ferry line-up onto North Road. Imagine waiting there while the ferry both loads and unloads, or trying to join the back of the lineup if you live anywhere off Taylor Bay or Berry Point roads. Moving the lineup would be trading a U-turn problem for an hourly nightmare at that intersection.

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