Update – Back to School Traffic on the Quinsam

Update: As of Monday, Sept. 14th, BC Ferries has confirmed that two buses will also arrive for the 3:45 pm sailing at Nanaimo Harbour Terminal and will travel to Gabriola with students on board.

As NDSS students are set to return to class there will clearly be increased demand for several sailings, in particular the 7:35 am sailing from Descanso Bay. Here are a few key updates from BC Ferries to keep in mind:

  • BC Ferries has coordinated with the Nanaimo Ladysmith Public School District to have two school buses at Descanso Bay each school day morning to transport students in buses on the 7:35 am sailing from Gabriola Island. These buses will be at Descanso Bay Terminal ready to load students before boarding the ferry. Students will remain on board the buses for the duration of the sailing, limiting their interaction with other people on board and freeing up lounge space for other walk-on passengers.
  • BC Ferries is also requesting that all vehicle passengers remain in their vehicles for that same 7:35 am sailing.
  • BC Ferries also reminds customers that all walk-on and vehicle passengers including students are required to wear face coverings at all times when at a BC Ferries terminal or on a BC Ferries ship, with the exception being if a customer is inside a vehicle or consuming food or drinks while maintaining physical distance. As with other COVID-19 regulations, travelers not willing to follow this requirement may be denied travel.
  • For more information please visit https://www.bcferries.com/about/projects/covid-19-back-to-school-faqs.html
  • The Gabriola FAC Facebook account is not monitored. If you wish to contact the FAC please email gabriola.fac@gmail.com for a quicker response.

One thought on “Update – Back to School Traffic on the Quinsam

  1. I was in the ferry terminal at Nanaimo Harbour the other day when the two school busses arrived. Immediately a large number of students left to go over to the mall. Also when on the ferry a few of them left to go to the seating area. Then most of them walked off the ferry. I know that the school busses go to the school, which is the safest way for both students and passengers, so why were students not kept on the busses until arriving at the school? Also what is the point of travelling by bus if they spend the journey in the lounge? I am not sure what authority the drivers have, but from what I observed they didn’t have any. I am not sure of the rationale behind this new procedure if protocols are not enforced.

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