URGENT – Further Sailing Cancellations


The FAC has been advised that a further crewing shortage has arisen for service starting tomorrow, November 18, and BC Ferries has not been able to find replacements.

This means that the service that was in place Monday and Tuesday this week; consisting of water taxi service during the time when the first two, and last four, round-trips would normally be conducted, and regular service using the Quinsam during a 12-hour period from 7:30 am to approximately 7 pm, will be back in place tomorrow. The water taxi service will be provided by the same operator as Monday and Tuesday, and they will shuttle if/when demand appears to exceed their capacity.

 BC Ferries has advised us that this schedule will be in place until further notice.

The FAC shares the community’s frustration with this situation. We are deeply disappointed by both the inadequate service and the insufficient notice provided, and we hope that BC Ferries is doing everything it can to provide a speedy and satisfactory resolution.


4 thoughts on “URGENT – Further Sailing Cancellations

  1. Time for a bridge enough union bullshit .time for a lawsuit for harming people’s livelihood if this is covid related with ferry employes it’s bullshit again we were doing fine with everyone wearing mask wake up before you have a riot or lawsuit

  2. I have lived on this rock for 14 yr and time and time again Gabriola Island residents bitch and moan when the ferry service has issues which is not a very significant portion of the time. Whether BCF can operate safely or at least break even the islanders see themselves as very special people.
    They know as do most island residents that two small bridges or cause ways from the main island to Midge and then to Gabriola will resolve all their ferry issues but they demand they be isolated from the rest of us mere mortals so they can be independent,
    You cannot have it both ways.
    I for one fully support BC Ferries Covid policies. In fact I side with the union when it comes to passengers. You cannot board a train, cruise ship or an airplane without proof of full vaccination against Covid and that policy should be applicable to BC Ferries as well.

    • Hi Fred,
      I’m sure a bridge would solve the ferry issues, but have you seen the many issues at the Nanaimo end of it and are you sure you want it over here?I’m sorry if this comes across as confrontational, but I’ve lived downtown Victoria and Vancouver (and Nanaimo is well on its way) as the drug crisis worsened, and people are camping and doing meth in your literal backyard. And when they are not, they are raging on the streets naked and breaking into businesses. Oh, and occasionally they will punch a toddler, an elderly person, tear your building glass entrance with a hammer, or kick your dog, depending on the drug they are on that day. I’ve seen communities destroyed in a matter of years. So, if someone buys a property on an island to escape all that, I can see why they would want to keep it somewhat isolated. It’s more than just a matter of being special and elitist. Just my two cents!

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