Island Class Vessel Trials Set for Next Week

BC Ferries has announced that the Island Aurora will supplement the Quinsam next Tuesday to Thursday in preparation for the launch of the the Island Class vessel service starting this spring. BC Ferries has further advised that there is no set schedule for when the Aurora will be in each port, as the crew will need flexibility to pick up loads as it makes sense for their trial efforts. They will be assessing the conditions, new ideas for procedures, etc. What this means for customers is that the Aurora may just show up in dock while the Quinsam is at the other terminal, creating unexpected sailing opportunities.

From the Service Notice:

BC Ferries will trial two-ship service between Nanaimo Harbour and Descanso Bay (Gabriola Island) January 25-27. The Quinsam and Island Aurora will run the trials with plans to make two ferry service a permanent fixture in the spring.

Dock fitting will take place January 24 with trial service starting January 25. The trial period will give crews the chance to monitor travel and loading times and validate the schedule for two-ship service.

During the trial there is no change to scheduled sailing times although customers will have additional sailing opportunities throughout the day as Island Aurora will be running opposite the Quinsam. There may be a reduction in the number of pay parking spaces at Nanaimo Harbour to accommodate the additional crew.

After this trial is complete, BC Ferries will analyse what they’ve learned, and we will then aim to confirm the final schedules they will put in place when two Island Class ships start service in Spring.


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