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Time limits for the ferry parking lot

Survey now closed – thank you for your responses. The result will be announced at the April 24, 2017 Ferry Advisory Committee meeting.

Gabriola Ferry Advisory Committee is concerned about the use of the BC Ferries lot at Descanso Bay for long-term parking.  We’ve noticed that a few vehicles have been sitting there for weeks – even months!  At present there are no posted time limits on this lot, but BC Ferries is willing to change that, and to enforce it.

We want your opinion on what would be a reasonable time limit for this lot: 12 hours, 24 hours, more, less…? We have created a short on-line survey so that you can express your opinion and comments; the link is below. The survey should take no more than a couple of minutes to complete.


17 thoughts on “Have your say

  1. I think 24 hours is plenty. If caught in town and/or Vancouver and have to stay over night people may need the 24 hours to get home. If there is no parking available then we should be notified of the reason and re-reply.

  2. People will need to park some where… This is the reality… Be it for a day or a few weeks whilst on holidays. What is the answer? I wish I had a simple answer… Many of us in this community are not rich and manage to economically survive and contribute in our way to our special community. We don’t need expensive parking options, as a thought. Or, sign posts everywhere within a kilometer, stating no parking! Some people have walking issues and need to park close because of the cost of taking a vehicle is more that can be afforded. Maybe the answer lies in lower ferry costs or better yet, no ferry costs then there is no longer need for parking or the issues that are created??? Hummmm… this is our road after all, just sayin. Seems the problem is not parking after all, it is the cost of BC Ferries?

    • I have walking issues and I can tell you I wouldn’t be able to walk off the ferry on the other side. That is like the special parking spots. they need to be close to the door but can walk for hours around a mall.

  3. the parking area is small, so I think it should be day use only. People leaving their vehicle for days or weeks while on vacation should not be allowed. We made the choice to live on an Island so this is one of the issues we have to accept. BC ferries provides a way on and off and we have to pay for it.

  4. The parking lot should be for day use only.

    If overnight parking is to be allowed, the fee should be at least 5$ per night so that people will choose the Robbins option.

  5. Some reasonable controls on parking time makes sense. However, moving from one extreme of no controls and people leaving vehicles for weeks to being too restrictive w short park periods like just day time or just 24 hrs is also unwise and unfair for normal human complications which can occur given that one may have few ways to deal w a car once off island. Illness, accidents, unavoidable disruptions to one s plans when away may be hard enough to manage, esp if caught far away even in vancouver or victoria, nevermind the worry of a parking fine and very expensive towing/ srorage costs.Therefore, i d suggest a max time period of 4 – 5 days.

    • I have to disagree with you, people abuse the parking time allowed, 24 hrs is ample time. I see people getting dropped off, you can get there by taxi, or Gertie, if going to Vancouver or further. That is what I would do. It is hard to get a parking spot there.

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