Ferry fares are normally reviewed on April 1 each year.  The fares shown in the yellow columns are subject to a 4% fuel surcharge from November 1 2022 which will be applied at the ticket booth to cover further increases in fuel costs. 

All fares in this table are ROUND TRIP fares, payable on the Nanaimo side.

Experience Cards are available from the Nanaimo Harbour terminal and require a minimum top-up value to be applied once the balance on the card falls below the amount required for a round-trip fare. Experience Cards issued for Vehicle and Passenger fares require a minimum top-up of $99.  Cards issued for Passenger-only fares require a minimum top-up of $59.

Who sets the fares?

Fares on BC’s Coastal Ferries are regulated by the BC Ferry Commissioner, who sets an annual “price cap” – a limit on the percentage increase that may be applied to the average fare charged by BC Ferries.  The average is calculated by reference to a ‘basket’ of fares from across the ferry system.  The “price cap” is the level of fare increase that the Ferry Commissioner considers will be necessary to fund the gap between BC Ferries’ costs of operation and the amount of financial support being made available by  government.

Fares on other ferry routes

Fares on other routes operated by BC Ferries can be found here.

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