About the FAC

BC Ferries has been engaged in public consultation with ferry dependent communities since 1993.

The FAC is a volunteer committee. The role of the FAC is to act as a liaison between islanders and BC Ferries.  The FAC does not work for the ferry corporation, nor do we get any free perks, we are just local island people trying to protect and improve our island link to Vancouver Island. Our aim is to provide a conduit for islanders to raise issues with BC Ferries and for information to be shared between BC Ferries’ management and island residents on day-to-day ferry operations, planned improvements to terminals and broader policy issues, such as the tariff and the corporate strategic plan.

Thirteen Ferry Advisory Committees represent the communities served by BC Ferries. Committees are appointed in cooperation with local governments, the Islands Trust and First Nations. The Committees meet officially at least once a year and more often as the need arises.

A new committee has recently been appointed to serve for the next four years. Membership of the new committee comprises:

your community FAC representatives

Steven Earle (Chair) 

Peter Briscoe

Michael Brown

Scott Colbourne          Islands Trustee

Vanessa Craig              Area B Director, Regional District of Nanaimo

Heather O’Sullivan (Vice Chair)

Paul O’Sullivan

Jim Ramsay

Peggy Richardson         Gabriola Chamber of Commerce

April Vannini

BC Ferries representatives

Darin Guenette                             (Manager, Public Affairs)

Captain James Bradley                 (Marine Superintendent)

What the Ferry Advisory Committee does

The Ferry Advisory Committee:

  • represents the community in a consultative partnership with BC Ferries
  • brings forward local ferry service issues and concerns identified by the community to BC Ferries
  • provides feedback on local ferry service operations to the community
  • advises BC Ferries on long-term community planning issues affecting the local ferry service
  • advises BC Ferries on more effective ways to communicate local ferry service issues to residents
  • informs local residents of BC Ferries’ long term plans and priorities

FAC Terms of Reference

download the Terms of Reference here

How to contact the Committee

email    gabriola.fac@gmail.com

Ferry Advisory Committee meetings

The full FAC normally meets twice a year (normally in April and October) and may meet more often if required.

All meetings are open for the public to attend and contributions from residents or community representatives are invited, providing they have been notified to the Chair in advance of the meeting.

A period of 30 minutes is set aside for presentations from the public. Each presentation should be not more than 5 minutes in length. Meeting venues, Agendas and Minutes are published on this website and on the BC Ferries web pages.

FAC/BCF Local Task Group

From time to time, issues are referred to the FAC which need attention before the next full meeting. Some of those items are referred to a joint FAC/BCF Local Task Group with the aim of identifying local solutions that can be implemented without undue delay.

Membership of the Local Task Group includes two FAC representatives, one other community representative and up to three local representatives from BC Ferries.  Additional participants may be invited, depending on the topic under consideration.

Outline Terms of Reference for the Local Task Group can be found here.

Community Engagement

Informal community meetings make take place at other locations. Details in the local media and on this website.

From time to time, the FAC may also conduct surveys of public opinion either on-line or through local media.