Route 19 Performance

Route 19 (Nanaimo Harbour – Gabriola Island)

Monthly traffic reports (showing % change in traffic volumes from previous year)Slide1Slide2

Monthly traffic statistics for other BC Ferries routes can be found here

Average daily traffic – monthly comparisons, showing the impact of COVID-19 restrictions in Spring 2020Slide3Slide4

Quarterly performance since 2016 – Vehicles carriedSlide5

Quarterly performance since 2016 – Passengers carriedSlide6

Quarterly performance since 2016 – Vehicle capacity utilisationSlide7

Quarterly performance since 2016 – Sailing overloadsSlide9

Quarterly performance since 2016 – On-time performanceSlide8

Annual operating and financial performance for Route 19

Using data supplied by BC Ferries to the BC Ferry Commissioner.  Full financial data awaited.slide 10slide 11


What do ferry users think of the service provided by BC Ferries?

The following charts show how customer satisfaction among ferry users on Route 19 has been affected by schedule changes and increasing traffic volumes.

Each of the charts tracks public reaction to the service cuts of Summer 2014 and the recovery in service provision from 2015 onwards, as well as the impact of increasing pressure on the ferry service as traffic has increased since 2015.

All data comes from BC Ferries’ quartely and annual reports to the BC Ferry Commissioner, with customer satisfaction measured using a scale from 0 to 5.Slide 12slide 13slide 14