You probably use an Experience Card to receive a discounted ferry fare. Please note that on April 1, 2023 the Minimum Stored Values that BCF requires in order to receive the reduced rates are changing, and as a result all auto-reload settings will be switched off to allow customers to set their new minimum load value for the corresponding card. On or after April 1st, you will need to log into your account at to set up your new auto-reload value. Select the left panel “Auto Load/Purchase Tab” to update your minimum load values. This is (sadly) not an April Fool’s joke.

These are the new Minimum Stored Values:

  • Passenger only, minimum of $50 to receive access to Passenger-Only reduced fares on participating routes;
  • Standard Vehicle (up to 20 feet) and Passenger, minimum of $100 to receive access to Standard Vehicle and Passenger reduced fares on participating routes.

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  1. Sometimes I despair of BC Ferries’ poor communication skills – they’re reducing the minimum top-up for walk on passengers from $59 to $50 – so why not shout about that in their message to customers? Crazy!

  2. What difference does it make to BC ferries if they are going to be using the card for walk on or drive on? BC ferries should be making at easy as possible to travel. There needs to be some competition, The bloated top-heavy joke that is BC ferries has been able to get away with whatever they damn well please for too long.

  3. Very friendly service. Also as a senior I appreciate the free rides Mon to Thurs. Sincerely LT(N) Chris Alexander.

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