In January 2012, a new Ferry Advisory Committee was appointed to represent residents of the community in a consultative relationship with BC Ferries. Our aims are to bring forward local ferry service issues and concerns with BC Ferries and to provide feedback on local ferry service matters to residents of the community.

In partnership with BC Ferries, we want to improve communication with the community and in addition to this new website and blog, we now have a new Facebook page (click the “Like” button to subscribe) and a Twitter account (click “follow @gabriolafac” at the foot of this page) to provide a range of opportunities for you to pass on your views to the Committee.

Please take a few minutes to look through this website and let us know what further resources you would like to see added. We welcome your comments in the box below – and if you have an issue or concern with our ferry service that you would like raised with BC Ferries, please turn to the have your say page and leave your message there.

Messages are moderated before publication, but will then be visible to anyone and open for others to comment upon.

Alternatively, if you ‘d prefer to contact us directly, please email us at

If you want to leave a comment on this site, we have a few simple guidelines we’d like you to follow.

  • be concise and to the point, make your message as brief as possible
  • be polite – messages containing offensive language will not be published
  • be realistic – the FAC is, after all, an advisory body and we don’t have the power to change legislation or force changes in business practice!

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  1. This is a question rather than a comment Could you please advise what the price for a car and the price for a passenger was on January 1st 2006. Thank you

    1. Brian – the standard fares back in January 2006 were (car + passenger) $15.25 + $6.00. Prepaid tickets for car & driver (then a book of 10) came out at $7.75 and $2.85 respectively. Compared to today’s prices, standard fares are $24.50 +$10.30 and prepaid (Experience Card) rates are $15.65 + $6.00

      As a matter of interest since 2003, standard fares have increased by 75% (car) and 87% (passenger). In the 10 years from 1993 to 2003, the equivalent increases were 70% and 83%, so government policy and privatisation hasn’t changed much!

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