BC Ferry Commissioner, Gord Macatee, is inviting public comment on two cost control measures that form part of the new Coastal Ferry Act, which was introduced by Regulation this week.

A revision of the Fuel Price Deferral Mechanism by which fluctuations in the price of fuel purchased by BC Ferries are managed to ‘flatten out’ the impact of fuel price variations on ferry users. The revision proposes a single fuel deferral account, which would result in a common level of fuel surcharge or rebate across all routes. At present, levels differ between the major routes and other route groups.

The Act also requires the Commissioner to give approval to any new major capital expenditure by BC Ferries and to define what should be regarded as major capital expenditure.   The commissioner is seeking comment on a proposal that would define ‘major’ capital expenditure as expenditure over $30 million and (without limit) any expenditure on a  new terminal or vessel, or any vessel upgrades that are designed to extend the life of a vessel by more than five years.

Follow the links to read the proposals.


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