BC Ferries has today issued a news release indicating that that they have invited  Expressions of Interest construction of of four new Island Class (M47) vessels, including two for the Gabriola route

This RFEOI is partially linked to the engagement/survey process carried out over the past 10 days, including the visits to Gabriola and Quadra this Monday and Tuesday.  Although the survey seeking public preference of either ‘2 x Island Class or 1 x Shuttle100’ only ended today, BC Ferries says they have received sufficient internal and external indications to now expect to replace Route 19 and 23 vessels by 2022 each with two Island Class (47 vehicle) vessels.Exterior-20172707-649x225

BC Ferries cautions that these plans still require approval from their Board and from the Ferry Commissioner.  Board members and the Commissioner have been kept informed as BCF has been conducting analysis of these ideas.

It can be seen in the release that there is still another step (Request for Pre-Qualifications) to undertake even prior to BCF issuing an actual Request for Proposals, which is the step that secures a shipyard to build these vessels. BC Ferries will be opening the RFP to all shipyards within BC, across Canada and internationally… and even though two Island Class vessels are already being built in Europe, these shipyards will still have to bid if they wish to compete for the new contract as BCF owns the design and the new contract will be to build to the existing design, with the goal to award contracts by the end of 2018.

The full media release from BC Ferries can be downloaded here.  For more information about the new Island Class ferries, please visit the BC Ferries website

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  1. I absolutely love this idea. Both ferries wouldn’t have to run all day but it’s getting so busy even in the winter season that we have to plan an all day trip just to go to Nanaimo for a Doctor or Dentist appointment. And the problem is only going to get worse. It seems every one wants to move to the West Coast. Thanks for considering this.

  2. What will be done about the death trap situation ferry lineup on Gabriola Island now??? We don’t have time to wait for this, somebody is going to get killed. We need traffic control personnel as soon as possible. BC ferries has known about this for a couple of years now and has done absolutely nothing. This is unacceptable and needs to be remedied immediately before someone is Killed in a head-on collision, doing illegal U-turn’s, or just innocently walking past this unsupervised out of control illegal ferry lineup.

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