Missed the BC Ferries Community Engagement Session on Tuesday? No problem! Fill out the survey at Gabriola Island Community Page | BC Ferries Projects to let them know your thoughts on immediate and long term priorities for our route. Please note that this is *NOT* the same survey as the customer satisfaction survey being run on board vessels by Malatest. The FAC encourages community members to take a few minutes to provide your feedback.

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  1. The ships are white elephants Too small, too heavy and hard to coordinate. A bad purchase x 10 ships.

  2. I was unable to attend this meeting, however, my recent negative experience with a rude BCF staff member as well as other concerns are still affecting my quality of life on Gabriola. Hopefully this changes in the future. Still frustrated.

  3. Where is the infrastructure that was needed for the new ferries to run? The ramp nonsense is a joke! Our service has steadily decreased since going private.
    Constantly canceled ferries , shameful service!
    The staff shortages were totally predictable with aging population … no foresight.

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