“I’m not suggesting that communities and ferry advisory committees shouldn’t continue to talk to government and lobby government, but I think we have to have the balanced approach going forward so we don’t kill the marketplace.” – BC Ferries’ CEO Mike Corrigan’s words to the Coast Reporter last week. He gave a similar message in Haida Gwaii earlier this month (see In the Media)

Ferry Advisory Committees are not in the business of killing the market place. Our remit (itself dictated by BC Ferries) is to represent residents of the community in a consultative relationship to BC Ferries, and to bring forward local ferry service concerns identified by residents of the community to BC Ferries.  In other words, to tell it like it is.

As FAC members, we strive to put forward a balanced and informed view that reflects the strength of opinion in our community, whilst at the same time respecting and sharing the facts provided to us by BC Ferries.  Most of all, we recognise that many of the decisions affecting ferry fares and service levels are dictated by government and implemented (sometimes reluctantly) by BC Ferries.

Not surprisingly, Mr Corrigan’s recent statements have attracted an energetic social media reaction from coastal communities – and some frustration among Ferry Advisory Committees.

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