New Ferry Cam fundraiser update just in:

Good news! The Lunch Bunch has recently received many e-transfer donations. This along with the anticipated February proceeds from Village Foods Community Card Program means that The Lunch Bunch will achieve its $3,000 goal.

The Lunch Bunch VF Community Card program will remain open until February 28th. This is so all the Lunch Bunch members, their wives, and friends have time to top up their cards one last time for us. If you wish, you can still contribute by buying a $100 Lunch Bunch VF Community Card. You get $100 in groceries and the Lunch Bunch fund raiser gets $5 from VF. For the rest of the year, The Lunch Bunch encourages everybody who has helped us achieve our goal so quickly through donations and VF to choose one of the other four 2019 VF card fundraisers and keep topping up your cards. The new cameras are coming soon!

Thanks to all who donated, and special thanks to Village Foods for their Community Card program – what an easy (and tasty) way to give back to our community. Remember there are still four great organizations that need your support.

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