The FAC learned today that BC Ferries has cancelled the Terminal Development Plans for Descanso Bay and Nanaimo Harbour until further notice, citing financial considerations as a result of an annual capital planning review. They are still working towards replacing our Island Class vessels with 2 fully electrified vessels in 2027 and providing the infrastructure for same. They are also still planning the addition of a lay-by berth at Nanaimo Harbour that will “enhance the safety and efficiency of vessel docking, and reduce weather cancellations of the second vessel on this route”. A target date for the completion of this berth has not yet been identified.

The Gabriola Terminal Development Plan identified many opportunities for improvement, particularly in the areas of pedestrian, cyclist, and traffic safety. BC Ferries has been reluctant to address most of these issues outside of the Plan. Despite a number of concerns raised by the FAC, the messaging has been clear that BCF preferred to wait until the Terminal Development Project was underway. Now that there is no longer a timeline in place for the TDP, the Gabriola FAC looks forward to working expediently with BC Ferries and their partners to enhance passenger safety in the area of the terminal.

It is anticipated that more information will be available from BC Ferries soon, and when it is it will be posted here:

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  1. What a joke! BCF never had any intention to improve the ferry service infrastructure in the first place for Gabriola!
    And why,” they are still working” on having two full electified ferries by 2027? Why was there no proper planning when they brought in the two current disel/electric ferries in operation now that have not made one single trip using electric power?
    No wonder they have budgetary problems, their planning is embarrasing because it is weak!

  2. Absolutely Lino. I’m actually appalled. When I deal with a company like this, I usually boycott. The sad part is they know they have each of us hostage.
    But I never had.much faith with BC ferries to begin with.

  3. They should have gone ahead with a bridge and scraped BC ferry from the start. Many Islands have bridges, look at PEI. If just for Medical reasons or other services it would have been a good idea. The ferry corp. has never been reliable and probably never will be.

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