Heads up that ferry fares are going up. And if you use auto-reload on your BC Ferries Experience Card, BC Ferries will be turning the feature off when they increase the fares, so you’ll have to log into your account again to turn it on again and set a new (higher) minimum load level at the same time.

As is tradition, the new fares hit on April 1st, but it’s sadly not an April Fool’s joke. The increase will be 3.25%, the maximum authorized by the BC Ferry Commissioner.

The new adult passenger fare will be $10.80 ($6.30 after Experience Card) and the new vehicle fare will be $25.50 ($16.25 after Experience Card).

For more information, visit https://gabriolafac.com/travel-times/fares/. You can log into your Experience Card at https://www.bcferries.com/routes-fares/ferry-fares/experience-card.

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  1. September 24, 2023. FAC recommended the motorcycle parking area be quadrupled in size -( this would bring the stop line for cars to the sign near the end of the side barrier).
    I brought up this issue last September and understood the expanded area for motorcycles would be completed in Spring. I realize it is still mid March, yet motorcycles are already back on the roads, and likely to be more as the weather warms.
    When will the changes be completed, please?

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