This just in, from the Lunch Bunch:

The awesome news is that in only 5 weeks The Lunch Bunch is only $530 short of our $3,000 goal. This includes all cash donations and January’s $340 from Village Foods Community Card Program. VF only provides a new total at the end of each month, so we are asking you to top up your Card or buy 1 before February 28th. This costs you nothing as you get your full $100 back in groceries and VF donates $5. If everybody who already has a card does that plus a few more new cards we will achieve our $3,000 goal and we can close our VF Card fund raiser on March 1st. I am still accepting e-transfer cash donations through “”.

The other good news is that camera #2 will be replaced on the Skol Pub roof, weather permitting, this Sunday.

The Lunch Bunch thanks you all for your generous support and words of appreciation for our Gabriola’s ferry line-up web page.

Excellent work Gabriola! Let’s get ‘er done!

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