The FerryCam has served our community well for many years. The brainchild of several Gabriola gentlemen who call themselves the “Lunch Bunch”, it was established with the aim of giving back to the island in a meaningful way. Until now the system has been financed and maintained by the Lunch Bunch with the support of a few local businesses, but times have changed, the system has evolved, and the Lunch Bunch needs your help.

How Can You Help?

The Lunch Bunch needs funds to replace equipment and make the system more reliable. There are two ways to participate:

The Village Foods Card Program – For each $100 Card you purchase, Village Foods will donate $5 towards the FerryCam system.  Simply keep topping up your card until the Lunch Bunch reaches their $3,000 goal.  It costs you nothing.

Make a Direct Donation – The Card program is great but it could take up to a year to achieve the $3,000 goal. Ideally, the Lunch Bunch would like to install the new cameras this spring, in advance of the peak ferry usage season. Village Foods will only issue one cheque once the goal has been reached, or once the Lunch Bunch informs them that they have enough funding. After the funding goal is achieved, cameras need to be ordered and installed which takes more time. The only way that an upgraded system can be in place by summer is through direct donations.  For each direct donation, no matter how small, the Lunch Bunch will reduce the $3,000 Card Program funding goal.

How to Make a Donation -There are many ways. Here’s what the Lunch Bunch suggests:

You can send an E-Transfer to (I suggest “ferrycameras” as a password or e-mail me, your PW choice separately), or mail a cheque to Rob Maynard, PO Box 124, Gabriola, B.C. V0R 1X0. Write Ferry Cameras donation in the memo line. Or I’ll take cash or a check in person –  you can just bring your donation to 751 Lockinvar Lane.  Sorry, we can’t issue tax receipts. For more information call Rob Maynard at 250-247-7278.

All funding received goes toward the capital cost of 2 cameras as the Lunch Bunch and its existing business supporters will continue to pay all operating costs.

For those interested in the nitty gritty, here’s the full explanation from the Lunch Bunch as to why the upgrades are needed:

In 2018, we added a new and better camera aimed at the Ferry Ramp.  The 11-year old camera which was replaced became the backup in case any of the 3 operational cameras failed and needed to be sent out for repair. But then 4 reserved spots were added at the front of the lineup and the Ramp camera no longer showed the cars that could not get on ferry.  So, to see these cars we installed our backup camera on the roof of the Skol Pub.  Unfortunately in low light the picture goes black; this also makes it useless as a backup camera. Camera #2 failed over the Christmas Holidays and it took several days to get it working. Having to climb a tree or go up on the slippery metal Skol Pub roof in winter is dangerous.  The system needs to be reliable.  This is why the Lunch Bunch is asking for your financial support to buy 2 cameras at a cost of $3,000.  Questions? Contact Rob Maynard 250-247-7278.

**Please note that while the Gabriola FAC deeply appreciates and enthusiastically supports the activities of the Lunch Bunch we are not financially affiliated in any way.



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    How about getting volunteers to walk the ferry line up for donations? I think anyone in line would give if asked in this way.


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