“Coastal communities will be braced for a ferry apocalypse, but B.C. Ferries CEO Mike Corrigan said (a year ago) if they do it properly, most people won’t notice”.

Here’s what Gabriola ferry users have told us about the planned ferry cuts:

  • I’ll have to give up coaching evening hockey
  • I need the late ferries to get home from late classes at VIU
  • I need late ferries to get home from Vancouver after medical treatment
  • We won’t be able to go to choir practices
  • I’m a nurse – the late ferries are vital to me
  • Our hockey team would have to fold
  • I don’t like the way this is being done – they should consider the public’s ideas
  • How can I change my shifts?  I’ve only just moved here.
  • I can’t change my work hours because of my university classes
  • This is going to cost taxpayers up to $10,000 for me to attend evening meetings (RDN Director)
  • A huge impact on house prices on the island
  • This would mean a huge loss to our business on Gabriola
  • We take dance classes on Gabriola. This will hit the viability of those classes.
  • I deliver food 3 times a week to Gabriola.  Without the 11.30 ferry, I couldn’t do it within my working hours.
  • We set up music workshops on Gabriola. Late performances would have to be cancelled.
  • Tell Christy Clark to go to hell!
  • A disaster to the economy of Nanaimo and livelihood of Gabriola residents
  • I have to take the 7.30 Greyhound bus from UVic in Victoria. I can’t catch the 9.25.
  • We’ll have to reconsider where we’re living. Teens can’t join in sports and social events.
  • Bump the 9.25 sailing to 10pm so we can catch the ferry from Horseshoe Bay.
  • I couldn’t come over to perform at the coffee house.
  • I work at Victoria Airport. This is causing me to think about leaving Gabriola
  • I can’t leave. This is my home
  • The cost to transport medical evacuations will go up.
  • This would be devastating for friendships
  • Being able to connect with other transport services is hugely important
  • All this year’s grads say they will leave if this happens.
  • This will eliminate young people from the island
  • These changes will kill our island
  • Please don’t cancel the last boat
  • Students don’t pay full cost of schools; patients don’t pay full cost of healthcare. Why ferries?
  • You’re not listening to us. This consultation is fake
  • This would deeply affect the communities of Gabriola and Nanaimo. Study the whole picture!

We think they noticed.

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  1. This is horrific for the people that work or live or attend classes or whatever … they have lost their right to live as they choose to … Ms. Clark wake up and smell the coffee and how about that pipeline that you said we would not consider ??? Time for a few meetings!!!

  2. Where does Mike Corrigan live? Would he like the Lyon’s Gate closed after 9:30 or the Massey Tunnel? With less traffic using those routes the MOTI could save a lot on infrastructure. Then when they see how much that saves they might think about closing the Granville and Burrard bridges and save even more. Why can’t people understand that this is our road?

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